10 Reasons Why I Felt Safe Living In Russia

  In September 2014, I took an incredible leap of faith that changed the course of my life. I joined International Language Programs (ILP) and moved to Moscow, Russia for 4 months. Without fail, the number one question I’m asked regarding this trip is “did you feel safe?” In addition to Russia being my first time abroad, I […]

San Francisco Day Trip

BACKGROUND: A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do my first true solo trip. I had a visa appointment at the French Consulate in San Francisco. I took an early flight and returned home late that night. Having never been to San Francisco, I was excited to explore this fabled city. I would only consider it a half day since my […]

HOSTELS: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

All people fall into one of three categories concerning hostels. You gladly stay at them, you strictly avoid them, or you know nothing about them. Whereas I’ve only stayed in a handful of hostels, I’m not quite the hostel expert as other travelers. I do feel like I can shed some light on the subject. You win some, […]

Au Pair Year FAQ

Because there’s always questions when people discover I live in Paris, I thought a little FAQ about my job/living situation might clear up some misunderstandings. For how I afford to travel, click here.   What exactly are you doing in France? I’m an “au pair.” “Au pair” is a type of nanny – although our differentiation […]


*For an updated about page, click here.* HELLO WORLD. Thanks for stopping by! I’m Paul and this blog is the virtual chronicles of my travels abroad. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, I developed a love for travel. The older I became, the more I yearned to experience places BEYOND UTAH.   Starting […]