The Male Traveler Packing List: 5 Days in an European Capital

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of three categories: #1 you’re a male traveler seeking advice (ya came to the right place), #2 you’re a male who doesn’t usually travel and now you’re going to, #3 you’re the significant other who has to send this link to your husband/boyfriend/brother/son/father/etc to prevent him packing his new soccer cleats and a shirt that says “your face is a meme” for your long-weekend European getaway.

Albeit, I’m not fashion specialist. I do however have some experience in maximizing what goes into your suitcase. This list was written while packing my single carry-on suitcase to London, England for the month of May – so take it as it is and adjust as needed. I am being a minimalist because I only brought my carry-on suitcase and backpack. Since often times paying for luggage can get expensive, I stick to the carry-on and that helps me afford to travel.  Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up –

Shoes: One pair of good walking shoes. I chose these leather ones because although my Nikes would have been nice, the rain would have soaked them and wet feet for 5 days really doesn’t interest me. In addition, one pair of flip flops for either the hostel bathroom, or maybe walks along the beach (not so much the case for London).

imageBottom half: I chose 3 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts. This gave me flexibility with the weather but I also was able up my wardrobe with different colors and material.


Top half: 5 t-shirts & 2 jackets. The t-shirts were specifically chosen based on their versatility. Each one went with every pair of pants so getting dressed was a breeze. One jacket was a wind breaker and the other a jean jacket. A little less flexibility but I was still able to switch them up.


Night Out: 2 button ups for clubbing, dinners with friends, or just dressing up for yourself.


Bed time: 1 pair of pajamas, I usually use an old high school t-shirt and a pair of Nike track type pants (comfortable and breathes, yet prevents feeling cold in a drafty room).

Complete List:

5 t-shirts

2 dress shirts

2 jackets

3 pairs of pants (burgundy, black and blue jeans)

1 pair of shorts

2 pairs of shoes

1 pair of pjamas

6 pairs of underwear + 6 pairs of socks

1 hat + sunglasses

Clothing aside, there are some items that I consider essential to every carry on. I consolidated that list into a short video that I posted on YouTube. Check it out below!

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