Itineraries: the love / hate relationship simplified

With an ever increasing influence, travel bloggers now find themselves becoming the new go-to source of for first time and seasoned travelers alike. Any city can be explored a million ways – and our goal, as travel bloggers, is to show you all of them. Different from industry giants such as Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor, […]

The Male Traveler Packing List: 5 Days in an European Capital

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of three categories: #1 you’re a male traveler seeking advice (ya came to the right place), #2 you’re a male who doesn’t usually travel and now you’re going to, #3 you’re the significant other who has to send this link to your husband/boyfriend/brother/son/father/etc to prevent him packing his new soccer […]

Communicating with Locals: the 411

Communicating overseas can be the most difficult part of your trip. Unless you already speak the local language. Let’s pretend, for argument’s sake, you don’t speak the local language. How do you overcome the language barrier? Use hand signals or noises The go-to for 99% of people (myself included). The other 1% being the people who continue […]

5 Escapes for a Wanderlust-struck Utahn

  Having been born and raised in Utah, I became accustomed to seeing friends and family leave to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some serve in exotic locations (South Africa, Taiwan, Peru) and others go to not so exotic locations (we still love you, Ogden). However, a mission is simply not for […]

Paris on a stomach

Paris on a budget? Paris on a stomach? Why not both! The word “Paris” itself evokes many emotions revolving around gastronomy (a fancy word for food). Immersing myself in the French food culture has been incredible to say the least.  With cafes dotting every corner, it can be hard to decide where to dine. So from one […]

The Travel Pack: Apps for exploring Europe

Since arriving in Paris last August, I’ve traveled through over 30 cities spread across 8 countries (with 2 new countries already booked!). Other than my tips and tricks found in “How I afford to Travel,” I’ve decided to show you guys some apps for exploring the magnificent continent of Europe (although many apps are applicable globally). This […]

10 Things They Don’t Warn You About Living Abroad

I have to admit, living abroad is for many people the dream. It is for me. Even with all the bloggers out there, I never really found a post like this. One that shows you that it’s not all paradise where the grass is greener. The grass is still greener, and that’s something I do appreciate. But I […]

2015 RECAP

2015: A year of risks. A year of faith. A year of adjustments. Moving to Paris wasn’t a piece of cake (where’s Marie Antoinette when I need her?). There were tears; of sadness and joy. I’ve been blessed in so many aspects of my life. MY SUPPORT SYSTEM BLOWS ME AWAY. You guys keep me strong. You keep me […]

8 things that as a (traveling) Mormon, I want you to know

I don’t normally talk about my religion, even though it plays an instrumental part in my life. In my travels, I periodically have the chance to be the first Mormon that someone has encountered. Naturally, I receive many inquiries and the occasional concern. I don’t have all the answers. And I’m definitely not a perfect example. I compiled this list from […]

Do’s & Don’t’s To Avoid Robbery Abroad

I thought I’d share this as a big knock on wood, since I have yet to be robbed in any of my adventures abroad. I tend to be a worry wort, which effectively makes me hard to rob. Here’s a handful of my top tips! DO: Have emergency contact information Write down before hand (in more places than […]