How to score a job in PARIS

Well, I guess you could sue me for “false advertisement” because I really only know how to get one job. My current job: a nanny. Although I’m sure with enough French language ability, perfectly presented resumes, whining to your friends “networking,” bribery, awkward miscommunications, lost sleep, fake smiles, real smiles, handshakes, hand sanitizer for your hands […]

Dalmatian Coast Video

GUYS. I tried to be all professional and make a video. However, you’ll notice that I am not by any means a professional. My camera is not high quality, and my hands apparently shook every time I tried filming. Regardless, here’s a video of my time spent along the Dalmatian Coast! I discovered 3 new […]


Upon returning from Amsterdam, I stayed again with my dear friend Ludovica. She had plenty planned for my last few days in Italy. First off was Assisi, home of St. Francis. We only visited two churches (there were more) because we wanted to save time for the Rocca Maggiore (castle). Alas, by the time we hiked the […]