My Gap Year: Why it was the right choice for me.

As I’ve just begun my second gap year, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this ever magical but elusive concept. Although I’ve never taken a “true” gap year, because I’ve continued my studies through online courses towards my degree. But these courses have been minimal credits to maintain a fairly flexible schedule (and good grades). Even now, […]

Intial Explorations

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks. My life has totally been turned upside down. France is considered a “Western,” 1st world country – but oh how different it is. CULTURE SHOCK. It’s real. I figured I would have it when I went to Russia, but well, it’s RUSSIA. But France? Pff. How wrong I was. Thankfully, I’m […]

Skimming through Switzerland

By definition, to skim is to move quickly and lightly over. And I’m sorry Switzerland, but I was forced to. Fortunately, Paris is only 3 hours away so I’m praying I’ll stop by again soon. 😉 To switch up my blog posts, for Switzerland I’m going to pick a couple categories and choose the moment […]


Upon returning from Amsterdam, I stayed again with my dear friend Ludovica. She had plenty planned for my last few days in Italy. First off was Assisi, home of St. Francis. We only visited two churches (there were more) because we wanted to save time for the Rocca Maggiore (castle). Alas, by the time we hiked the […]