The Male Traveler Packing List: 5 Days in an European Capital

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of three categories: #1 you’re a male traveler seeking advice (ya came to the right place), #2 you’re a male who doesn’t usually travel and now you’re going to, #3 you’re the significant other who has to send this link to your husband/boyfriend/brother/son/father/etc to prevent him packing his new soccer […]

Communicating with Locals: the 411

Communicating overseas can be the most difficult part of your trip. Unless you already speak the local language. Let’s pretend, for argument’s sake, you don’t speak the local language. How do you overcome the language barrier? Use hand signals or noises The go-to for 99% of people (myself included). The other 1% being the people who continue […]