How to use Instagram to research your destination

In this day and age, the Internet makes finding things to do and see so accessible, it’s almost overwhelming. But with the takeover of social media, sometimes all you really want is just that one “Instagram moment” to share with friends and family. I am guilty of this and have honed my abilities to find “that” […]

5 Ways Entrepreneurship Improved My Mental Health

As Beyond Utah passed its 2 year anniversary last month, I’ve reflected on everything I’ve accomplished since graduating from high school 4 years ago. While moving abroad helped me to “find myself,” I realized it also shaped me in ways I didn’t expect. I started Beyond Utah because I wanted to have a journal for […]

How I afford to travel 2.0

How I afford to travel: Version 2.0 If any of you have browsed through my Instagram gallery (@beyondutah), you know that I’ve got a serious case of the travel bug. My original post on how I afford to travel was posted way back in November 2015. Almost 2 years later, I’ve jimmied up a few more ways to […]

Unique Spots to Instagram in Paris

A study published by the Independent found that about 40% of millennials choose their destination based on its “Instagrammability.” In a city like Paris, you can imagine the overload of Instagram pictures. My Bastille Day post was dedicated to the best spots for a unique picture of the Eiffel Tower. Here’s some other unique spots in Paris and […]

3 Day Trips from Salt Lake City

Trip Advisor will tell the average tourist that sites such as Temple Square, the Natural History Museum and the Utah State Capitol building are the must-sees in Salt Lake. But you don’t want to be just an average tourist, do you? Utah has so much beauty (we even have our own hashtag #beUTAHful) and you will miss […]

The Eiffel Tower in 360°

Fact: The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most photographed icon in all of France. With an image so well known, how can you make your photo unique? LOCATION.  The picture above would be your typical Champs de Mars photograph. Front and center is best, right? Not necessarily… And while this view from Place du Trocadéro […]

Life Update: July 2017

  The blog has been quiet for the last few months, so I wanted to put out a quick life update for myself and Beyond Utah. I’ve got some exciting projects in the works that will be unveiled soon enough!   Here’s an update on what’s happened in my life since January: JANUARY: Posted a […]

Top 10 Moments of 2016

While the title lists them as “moments,” these are more so experiences and in most cases, short trips to various locations. Since I moved back to the USA in August, these all fall before then. August to December had its own special moments (buying my first car, seeing the Chainsmokers live in concert etc), but […]

Why traveling should be your New Year’s Resolution

We’ve all heard it, “if travel didn’t cost a thing, you’d never see me again.” Why is that? Traveling makes you happier. Simple as that. I’m not a scientist, but I don’t need to be for you to see these simple non-scientific ways travel eliminates monotony, clears our vision of the world around us and […]