The Eiffel Tower in 360°

Fact: The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most photographed icon in all of France. With an image so well known, how can you make your photo unique?


The picture above would be your typical Champs de Mars photograph. Front and center is best, right?

Not necessarily…

And while this view from Place du Trocadéro is gorgeous, it’s equally unoriginal.

After a year of living in the city of lights, I’ve pinpointed some great spots for an original shot of the iron lady herself. These photos are taken from my Instagram gallery where some might say I post too many photos of Paris (I don’t believe that’s even possible). So without further ado…

View from Pont Mirabeau


View from the Musée de l’Armée


View from the train station Suresnes Mont-Valérien 


View from Place du Panthéon


View from Parc de Belleville


View from the rooftop of Printemps


View from Pont Neuf


View from Rue Saint-Dominique


View from the Musée d’Orsay 


While Pont Mirabeau is perhaps my favorite view, all these spots are great alternatives from crowded, mainstream sites. Check them out for yourself and tag me in your pictures so I can see which spots offered you the best picture of the Eiffel Tower!

And as this was posted on Bastille Day, I want to wish my French friends Bonne Fête Nationale!

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